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Welcome to altplus.co.za, where innovation meets imagination, and every keystroke echoes the rhythm of success! As maestros of digital design and marketing, we redefine first impressions with well-crafted business cards, turn stationary into visual poetry, and propel web and mobile design into a seamless user experience. Join us in this symphony of creativity at altplus.co.za, where [alt] is the key to unlocking the extraordinary!

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About us

Welcome to [alt]ernate reality, where design takes on a whole new dimension! At [alt]plus, we don't just hit the [alt] key; we unlock a world of limitless possibilities. Step into our [alt]ernative universe, where creativity knows no boundaries and innovation is the norm.

[alt]er your perception of design with us. We're not just another agency; we're a creative rebellion that challenges the mundane. Our team of [alt]ernative thinkers will warp your brand into a captivating masterpiece that stands out from the crowd.

No CTRL + C, CTRL + V here – every project is a unique creation. We blend imagination and strategy to deliver designs that are one-of-a-kind, like holding down the [alt] key while typing. Embrace the power of [alt]ernative design and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

At [alt]plus, we don't just think outside the box; we obliterate the box altogether. Our designs are an [alt]ernative reality where your brand's story comes to life, captivating hearts and minds. Say goodbye to conventional and embrace the magic of [alt]ernative creativity.

We're the [alt] + Del Command – clearing the clutter and making way for brilliance. Our passion for sustainable design also makes us [alt]ernatively responsible, leaving a positive mark on the environment.

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[alt] + Creativity

Our team doesn't just design; we orchestrate symphonies of pixels. [alt] + Tab through our portfolio, and you'll see how seamlessly we switch between branding, web design, and social media campaigns – a true virtuoso performance!

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[alt] + Insight

[alt] + Enter into the minds of your audience. We don't just create; we understand. [alt] + Shift perspectives and unlock the secrets of your market to deliver strategies that are as sharp as an [alt] + F4 closing a deal.

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[alt] + Launch

[alt] + Space + N your worries away! We launch your brand into the digital stratosphere, maximizing exposure while minimizing the unnecessary noise. [alt] + Right Arrow your way to success, one strategic move at a time.

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[alt] + Aesthetics

[alt] + D into the details! Just like selecting the address bar, we focus on the finer points of design, ensuring your brand stands out in a crowded space. [alt] + Space + X – maximizing visual appeal!

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[alt] + Navigate

[alt] + Left Arrow back to tradition? No way! [alt] + Right Arrow forward to the future. We navigate the ever-changing digital currents, ensuring your brand stays ahead in the race.

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[alt] + Growth

[alt] + Enter on potential. [alt] + Ctrl + Delete on stagnation. We manage your online presence with the precision of a keyboard shortcut, bringing your business to new heights. So [alt] + Shift your brand's language. We speak the digital dialect fluently, ensuring your message resonates with the right audience.

In the digital orchestra, we're your [alt] key conductors, creating harmony between design and marketing. So, [alt] + Space + R, relax, and let us restore, maximize, and elevate your brand to new altitudes!

Creative Director Lloyd George

Our Work

Welcome to the "Our Work" showcase at altplus.co.za – where the keystrokes of creativity meet the canvas of innovation! Just like we've mastered the art of turning [alt] into a symphony of success, here, we unfold the tantalizing tale of our collaboration with one of our latest satisfied clients – the esteemed Kim H Nieu Interior Design.

Picture this: [alt] + Transforming existing branding into a future-driven masterpiece! We took the classic elegance of Kim H Nieu Interior Design and injected it with a dose of avant-garde flair. Like a digital alchemist, we seamlessly blended the past with the future, creating a brand identity that echoes the essence of sophistication while marching boldly into the tomorrow.

[alt] + D into the details, and you'll witness the evolution – where every pixel, every shade, narrates the story of a brand reborn. The result? A cohesive yet entirely new look and feel that portrays not just the legacy but the exciting future of Kim H Nieu Interior Design. It's more than a makeover; it's a digital metamorphosis.

But hold on! This is just a teaser of what's to come. [alt] + Launch into the online realm, and you'll find a bespoke website that not only mirrors the exquisite designs but also navigates the digital landscape with grace. It's more than a website; it's an online masterpiece, a testament to the marriage of aesthetics and functionality.

[alt] + Communicate – we don't just build websites; we craft an enhanced online presence. From social media campaigns to strategic content, we've orchestrated a symphony of digital communication that resonates with the audience, conveying the brand's narrative with clarity and finesse.

So here's to the transformation – from Kim H Interior Design to the future-forward Kim H Nieu Interior Design. altplus.co.za proudly presents the fusion of tradition and innovation, where the keystrokes of the past meet the shortcuts to a digital tomorrow. Dive in and witness the journey – it's not just design; it's the evolution of a brand.
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